Breaking Borders

Transformative Cross-Border Transactions

Revolutionise cross-border transactions with our blockchain-powered Borderless solution. Our dedicated pathways streamline international transfers, offering rapid, cost-efficient, and hassle-free settlements for users worldwide. Empower financial institutions and payment service providers to overhaul their cross-border processes.

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Borderless, Seamless


Specialised pathways for optimised cross-border transfers, ensuring efficiency and reduced costs.

API-First Design

Ensures seamless integration with fintech solutions and regulatory frameworks, enhancing operational efficiency.

Advanced KYC Integration

Utilises leading tools and service providers for secure and reliable user verification.

Comprehensive Compliance

Adheres to regulatory standards across jurisdictions, ensuring safe and legal transactions.

White-Labelling Options

Tailor the platform to align with your brand, offering a personalised experience to your users.

Dynamic Conversion Rates

Adheres to regulatory standards across jurisdictions, ensuring safe and legal transactions.

Real-Time Settlements

Immediate processing of cross-border transfer instructions, eliminating delays and enhancing user satisfaction.

Accelerated, Secure Payment Integration

WadzPay Borderless accelerates the transaction process while ensuring unparalleled security and compliance. Our platform is equipped with an extensive payment method support system and a microservices-driven architecture, facilitating easy integration with existing digital services and payment systems.

Benefits at a Glance

Cost Efficiency

Drastically reduce transaction fees, making cross-border transactions more accessible for users.

Enhanced Security

Leverage blockchain's tamper-proof infrastructure for secure and transparent transactions.

User-Centric Experience

Offer instant notifications, detailed reporting, and comprehensive support for inquiries and investigations.

Global Accessibility

Empower underserved areas with facilities that cater to unique needs, broadening financial inclusion.

Ready to Lead with Blockchain-Based Innovation?

Elevate your experience with our Borderless solution. Become a beacon of innovation in both the traditional and virtual asset-based transaction landscape.

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