programmable money

Our Blockchain Blueprint for CBDC Innovation

Partner with WadzPay to revolutionise CBDCs. Our platform caters to the nuanced needs of central banking, offering seamless issuance, management, and distribution of virtual assets. Ideal for banks aiming to introduce CBDCs, enhancing accessibility and fostering financial inclusion.

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Accelerate Payments and Financial Inclusion at the Same Time

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

We provide a complete system for central banks and commercial banks to manage and distribute CBDC payments. We also equip merchants with the necessary tools to efficiently accept CBDC payments, enhancing the payment infrastructure without the need for extensive system overhauls.

Blockchain Interoperability

Our engine is designed to be fully interoperable across various blockchain platforms, supporting a wide range of virtual assets and ensuring future-proof adaptability.

Cross-Border and Cross-Chain Transactions

WadzPay ensures seamless cross-border payments and fiat conversions, expanding the utility of CBDCs across different jurisdictions and blockchain networks.

Token and Account-Based CBDCs

Our platform supports both token-based and account-based CBDCs, offering flexibility to meet diverse regulatory and user needs while maintaining user privacy and reducing infrastructure requirements.

Facilitating the Future of Payments with CBDCs

WadzPay's Programmable Money platform plays a crucial role in promoting greater financial inclusion and connectivity, even in the most underserved areas. By enabling central banks to design and deploy their CBDCs, WadzPay democratises access to financial services, ensuring broad participation in the global economy.

Ready to Lead with Blockchain-Based Innovation?

Elevate your experience with our Programmable Money platform. Become a beacon of innovation in both the traditional and virtual asset-based transaction landscape.

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