Transform Financial Dynamics with Programmable Money

Introducing our Programmable Money platform, designed to harness the transformative power of blockchain technology for financial operations. We redefine the concept of virtual asset-based transactions by embedding programmability or utilisation conditions in the form of smart contracts providing a dynamic framework that ensures stability, transparency, and security.

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Harnessing the Power of Stablecoins


Leverage our sophisticated API library and user-centric design for quick integration into our Stablecoin Technology as a Service (STaaS).


Enhance asset safety with state-of-the-art cryptographic safeguards and stringent security protocols.


Guarantee transactional integrity through blockchain’s immutable ledger, fostering unparalleled transparency.


Our scalable architecture adapts seamlessly to your evolving business demands, maintaining optimal performance.


Mitigate virtual asset volatility using our fiat pegged stablecoin.

Reimagine Value Creation

WadzPay's Programmable Money platform automates complex financial transactions, enforces compliance through smart contracts, and fosters a seamless, frictionless financial ecosystem. Our platform goes beyond mere digital transactions by comprehensively reimagining the ways in which value is created, exchanged, and preserved in the digital era.

Innovative Financial Technologies

Stablecoin Solution

Leverage our service to easily launch, manage, and scale your stablecoin operations effectively.

CBDC Platform

Advance virtual asset adoption with our CBDC Platform, designed for central banks to issue and manage CBDCs.

Benefits at a Glance

Immediate Settlement and Low Fees

Thousands of transactions per second are handled at minimal costs, allowing for the enjoyment of real-time settlements and low transaction fees.

Unique Commercial

Our platform introduces a unique commercial model, significantly reducing costs for seamless and efficient global financial transactions.

Scalable Financial Infrastructure

Enjoy technology that scales seamlessly with business growth, accommodating increased transaction volumes without compromising performance.

Seamless Regulatory Compliance

Streamlines adherence to global financial regulations, ensuring compliance for businesses across various jurisdictions.

Enhanced Security and Transparency

The platform utilises blockchain technology for transparency, immutability, and secure smart contracts, eliminating intermediaries and reducing risks of manipulation.

Ready to Lead with Blockchain-Based Innovation?

Elevate your experience with our Programmable Money platform. Become a beacon of innovation in both the traditional and virtual asset-based transaction landscape.

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