Merchants, Retailers, acquirers, and E-Commerce

Empower Your Business with Blockchain-Based Payment Innovation

WadzPay simplifies transactions for merchants, retailers, acquirers, and e-commerce platforms. Our Payments solution, powered by blockchain, lets you seamlessly accept various virtual asset-based payments, reducing fees and attracting a global customer base.

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Tailored Solutions to Drive Your Business Growth

Unlock the Power of Virtual Asset-Based Payments

Easily integrate our Payments solution with your POS systems and online stores. Benefit from dynamic QR code transactions for smooth, secure payments. Accommodate various virtual assets, track transactions efficiently, and seamlessly handle full and partial blockchain-based refunds. Simplify your operations with our user-friendly Acceptance Portal.

Revolutionise Loyalty

Elevate your customer loyalty programmes to new heights with WadzPay's Tokenization platform. Transform traditional rewards into virtual tokens, creating a more engaging and valuable proposition for your customers. These blockchain-based tokens offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to redeem, trade, or sell their rewards, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings and Global Expansion

Reduce transaction fees and attract a global customer base by accepting various virtual asset-based payments.

Enhanced Convenience and Security

Utilise dynamic QR codes for secure, seamless transactions, catering to diverse customer preferences.

Revolutionised Customer Loyalty

Transform loyalty programmes with Tokenization, offering flexible, blockchain-based rewards that deepen customer engagement.